Norman McEvoy

Norman McEvoy

It is with great regret and a heavy heart that we announce the loss of Norman McEvoy who passed away suddenly on Friday 27th November 2015.

Norman has played a huge part in the success and longevity of our golf society and will be sadly missed by all who have had the pleasure of his company.

His warmth and jovial sense of humour was always apparent on our days out and he threw himself whole heartedly into the role of Captain of the Society in 2004.

Norman promised sweeping changes when he commenced his Captaincy and whilst he may have been thwarted in those efforts by the mafioso committee, it was clear that he enjoyed every minute of being Captain, often shedding a tear or two when he spoke about the honour.

It is a measure of the man that everyone who has been met with this sad news has been visibly upset and uttered words of "I can't believe it", "nicest man you could ever wish to meet", "looked so well". Many have also recounted his wish to bring in sweeping changes for the society, so even if he was thwarted, his intentions are well remembered.

There will be many different memories of Norman and he will be sadly missed for so many reasons, need I mention his rain dance on every golf shot that he took, his love of Muesli, his wish to bring sweeping changes to the society I have already made reference to, his often dazzling coloured golf attire, or his warm and hearty laughter that could be heard oh so often and frequently left him and us in tears!

Alas our tears are for different reasons today and will continue long into the future.

I really feel that there are no words or verses that I can say on behalf of our society or personally that will truly reflect how much he will be missed. All I will say is that he will forever be loved and remembered just for being Norman and I know the golf society days out will never be quite the same for we will all be hoping and expecting to hear him laugh one more time.

Gareth Maltman, November 2015

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